LTO Tape Drive

Desktop or Rackmount

We provide LTO Ultrium tape drive devices from all the major vendors including DELL EMC, Fujitsu, Lenovo, HPE, IBM, Quantum & Tandberg.  The models of LTO Ultrium tape drives can be internal/external or rack-mount and are available with a choice of interface options including SAS, Fibre Channel, iSCSI or LTFS.

LTO Ultrium tape drives deliver a simple, affordable, all-in-one data protection solution that customers can depend on. Many companies can store all their data on a single cartridge, thanks to the tremendous capacity LTO technology provides. In addition, companies can keep this data secure using AES 256-bit encryption as tapes are transported offsite for disaster recovery or long-term archiving.

LTO-9, LTO-8, LTO-7, LTO-6 & LTO-5 drives are WORM capable, allowing companies from healthcare, financial, and other related industries to meet tough regulatory requirements. LTO continues to offer two generations of backward read and one generation of backward write capability (LTO-8 can only read/write LTO-7 tapes), providing an archive tape recovery solution with newer generation drives.

LTO Ultrium Tape Drives Using LTFS

New functionality allows customers to simply drag and drop files to LTO-9, LTO-8, LTO-7, LTO-6, and LTO-5 as they would a hard drive using Linear Tape File System (LTFS) software. This eliminates the need for backup software and allows the information written to tape to be exchanged easily between different users, operating systems, and software. This is highly beneficial for many applications including media and entertainment, video and imaging, long-term archiving, and other applications where removing the dependence on a proprietary format is important. LTFS is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Apple Macintosh.

LTO Ultrium Tape Drive

An LTO Ultrium tape drive is designed to store data from a computer backup that is kept normally off-site as an insurance policy against data loss, in which case the LTO tape would be used to restore the lost information.

LTO Drive Vendors

  • Fujitsu
  • Lenovo
  • Quantum
  • HPE
  • IBM
  • Tandberg Data

The drives we now supply are all based on LTO Ultrium tape technology and are available in the following formats:

LTO-3 - 200/400GB
LTO-4 - 400/800GB
LTO-5 - 1.5/3.0TB
LTO-6 - 2.5TB/6.25TB
LTO-7 - 6TB/15TB
LTO-8 - 12TB/30TB
LTO-9 - 18TB/45TB

We can supply backup software from the major software vendors and available for all operating systems.

If for any reason you cannot see or need to discuss your LTO tape drive requirement, are interested in trading up an existing drive or require support renewal, we are happy to discuss your requirements in more detail over the phone or have a meeting and provide a quotation.

In addition to the LTO Ultrium tape drives, we can also supply LTO tape media in small quantities or in bulk.

Please call us for a quote on 01256 331614 or alternatively complete our on-line form.

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