LTO Ultrium Tape

LTO Ultrium Tape

Ideal for Backup, Archiving & Data Interchange

LTO Ultrium tape provides proven backup and archiving technologies for protecting data. Since the early 1990's we have been providing tape storage solutions and provided some of the very first Ultrium tape storage solutions. With the latest announcement of LTO 10 holding 120TB's at a transfer rate of 2,750MB/s, click here for details.

About LTO Ultrium Tape

As an open tape standard LTO is the world's most popular backup technology and the latest generation LTO-8 continues to provide high capacity allied to low cost per gigabyte. As LTO is an "open format" technology, means that users will have multiple sources of product and tape media. The "open" nature of LTO technology also provides a means of enabling compatibility between different vendors' offerings.

LTO Ultrium Tape
LTO-9 Ultrium Tape

LTO Tape History

Initially, LTO Ultrium was developed jointly by HP, IBM and Certance (Seagate) now Quantum to provide a clear and viable choice in an increasingly complex array of tape storage options. LTO Ultrium tape provides a robust, highly convenient and very cost effective way of storing data. An LTO tape provides a perfect solution for backing up or archiving a huge variety of computer systems and applications. Ultrium tapes are manufactured by a variety of media vendors and are readily available. LTO Ultrium tape was available in various formats LTO-1, LTO-2, LTO-3, LTO-4, LTO-5, LTO-6, LTO-7, LTO-8 and the current cartridge format LTO-9 has a native capacity of 18TB.  LTO-9 tapes can also be used for archival purposes using WORM functionality. Another feature of LTO-9 cartridges is the ability to be partitioned to allow different drives/systems to see different parts of the tapes. The huge installed base of LTO tape products in the field going back 10 years ensures that LTO tape will continue to be the first choice for any company wishing to backup data.

LTO Ultrium Tape Cartridge

What do we provide?

We are able to provide LTO Ultrium tape from all of the following tape vendors, next day delivery and discounts for bulk purchases or regular orders. We also supply LTO WORM media and LTO Ultrium Cleaning tapes to keep your drive in tip-top shape.

We sell everything to do with LTO Ultrium tape including degaussers, tape labels, racking and carry cases.  If you require a 12 or 12,000 slot tape library we can assist, if you require an LTFS standalone drive for data interchange we can supply this as well.

We have been involved with the very first LTO-1 tape and have been supplying standalone drives, rackmount drives, autoloaders and libraries ever since.

We pride ourselves on selling the right solutions with our in-depth knowledge and work very closely with the leading LTO tape manufacturers.

  • Fujitsu
  • HPE
  • IBM
  • Lenovo
  • Fujifilm
  • Quantum
LTO Tape Roadmap

Selecting backup / restore software for business

Backup software today has evolved to become a heterogeneous backup product able to backup Windows Servers, Linux, Apple, Unix, Virtualised Infrastructures etc. Many software vendors today provide a centrally managed and controlled system. This means the software can now execute all of the above with the minimum of user intervention. The initial cost of implementing a centralised tape library and backup software solution might initially seem high but over a 3-5 year period would pay for itself many times over.

The biggest benefit of using tape media as a backup medium is that it offers the highest capacity, it's removable and offers the lowest cost per TB of any other storage media.

Backup Technology

As tape drives get faster the need to reduce backup times and optimise the tape drive performance start to become paramount. Many backup packages allow multiple streams of data from multiple sources to be streamed concurrently to the tape drive(s) thus ensuring the device continues to stream rather than stopping and starting (shoe shining). This causes unnecessary wear and tear on the drive mechanism which can over a prolonged period create a backup failure. Many of the software vendors today can also perform disk to disk to tape operations speeding up your backup and reducing the critical backup window.  Some of the software also provides data deduplication which can reduce your backup volumes by up to 20:1.

Backup Vendors

We have extensive experience in all of the following software solutions and can provide installation and configuration assistance.

  • Commvault Simpana
  • Retrospect
  • NAKIVO Software
  • PoINT Software
  • Cloud Storage
Backup Software
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